Question for Murcof (Fernando Corona)

by Rutger Muller

Published 12 June 2013 with permission of Corona

Communicated by e-mail in august 2012


During the research of my MA thesis on Murcof's techno-classical crossover aesthetic I asked Corona about his influences and this was a part of his reply:

From: Fernando Corona
Subject: Re: Murcof influences
Date: 5 augustus 2012 14:35:36 GMT+02:00
To: Rutger Muller

"Hi there Rutger,

It's hard to pin point every influence since on many occasions it's not the complete work of an artist or even a song, but perhaps a single sound, a single melodic passage, and now days any sound even outside what we call "music" can have a great influence on me, anyway here's a list of definite influences, ordered in chronological order as to when I discovered them and was most influenced by them, older on top and newer as the list descends:

Ianis Xenakis (oresteia, pleiades, metastasis)
Giorgy Ligeti
Alfred Schnittke
Giya Kancheli
Giacinto Scelsi
Stefano Scodanibio (voyage that never ends)
Henryck Gorecky (misrere, symphony 3)
Arvo Part
Valentin Silvestrov (all his more recent works)

Non Classical:
Jean Michael Jarre (oxygene, equinox)
Wax Trax label
Steve Roach (magnificent void)
Kraftwerk (all)
Depeche Mode (a broken frame, black celebration)
Squarepusher (hard normal daddy)
Raster Noton Label
Supersilent (4, 6 and 7)

these are the ones I remember now, but I'm sure there's more!

hope it helps!