Rutger Muller

Composer & Interaction Designer

image by R. Muller from video by Michiel Gardner

Composer’s Statement
Music Can Transcend Emotion

I’m fascinated by mysticism, music’s ability to sound meditative and uncanny at the same time. I aim to discover the beauty and dark energy on the bleeding edge between tranquility and friction. It has me continuously exploring types of spirituality found in avant-classical music, non-western traditions and club music.

How can we implement types of mysticism into our hectic times, and discover catharsis in it? I often start at nature: the organic intricacies of timbre, the imperfections of improvisation, and our ancient fascination for (cavernous) reverberations.

In my search for spiritual sound, I want to transcend drama and emotion, reach beyond it, towards the roots of inner consciousness and outer space. What are the roots of music, and how can we keep rediscovering them?

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Exorcism at Cultura Nova (Heerlen, NL)
With dancer Nathaniel Moore (USA)
Image from video by Paul Caron

Thresholder installation at
Born Digital (Utrecht, NL)
Photo by Joram Wolters

Designer’s Statement
‘Improv is the Future of Gameplay’

Both the origin and future of creativity are improvisational. While computers might not have intuition, they can improvise using algorithms, logics, memory (data), feedback and chance.

Soon, generative arts wil happen in real-time. These instant explorations call for new (playful) interfaces that bridge human improvisation with machine intelligence.

Game design allows us to explore the roots of creativity and culture in accessible and interdisciplinary ways. I research the field of ’emergent gameplay’, which aims to gives players the ability to evolve rules, without breaking the flow/immersion.

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Name              Rutger Muller
Born                1984, Netherlands
Phone              +31 6 50 82 45 71
VAT ID             NL001833192B75
KvK                  50806149


MA • Digital Design: Music Technology

BA • Music & Sound for Adaptive Systems

BA • Communication & Multimedia Design

Minor • Cultures of the Netherlands

Community College (MBO4+) • IT-Admin 


MyuBio (NL, 2020-now)
Interaction/Sound Designer for
 Spatial & Playful Bio-Soundsystem
 W/ Studio Ricky van Broekhoven
 Nomination Hybrid Future Challenge at Eindhoven Maker Faire (2021)

‘UniTie’ by Wolfsbloem (NL, 2017)
 Sound Design for Motion Instrument
• Presented at Dutch Design Week 2017

Thresholder (NL, 2011-now)
Composer & Co-Game-Designer of
 Multiplayer Sound Installation
 Nomination Young Talent SpinAward 2012

GlitchHiker (NL, 2011)
Composer & Co-Game-Designer of
 Ephemeral Arcade Game
• Winner Global Game Jam (NL, 2011)
• Hon. Mention IGF (SF, USA, 2012)


Rutger Muller | Rutger Muller Ensemble
Electroacoustic • Ambient • Techno • Improv
 Ensemble w/ Josephine Bode & Wen Chin Fu
 Compositions for Ensemble 88
 Duo w/ Bernhard Hollinger

RnB • Pop

 Hypnotic School
Trip-Hop • Indie R&B • Dreampop
w/ Nilipek., Can Aydinoglu, Sinqlogue

 AuxPulse | DS-10 Dominator
IDM • Acid  Techno  • Chiptune
w/ Sinqlogue

 Diskette Deluxe
Chiptune • Synthpop • Italo

600+ field recordings & other sounds
Free to download (Public Domain / CC0)


New Path by The Zooo (NL, 2022)
Two demo tracks for iOS app, a non-linear sequencer by Jerke vd Braak & Marcel Smit

KORG iPolysix (JP, 2012)
Demo Track for iPad app

KORG iMS-20 (JP, 2010)
 Demo Track for iPad app


MUTEK.JP – AI Music Lab (JP, 2019)
With Keio University and Natalia Fuchs
Supported by Creative Industry Fund NL

ICMC – Hack-n-Makerthon (KR, 2018)
At the Samsung Creative Campus in Daegu
Supported by Creative Industry Fund NL

Hypothetical Instruments (NL, 2016)
ADE Soundlab workshop by Native Instruments, STEIM, Univ. Pompeu Fabra

New GameGrounds Playful Jam (NL, 2015)
By Playful Arts Festival & Brakke Grond (NL)

Workshops at Operadagen (NL, 2015)
Rutger Muller Ensemble participated in workshops by Paul Koek, Tom Creed…

4DSOUND – Spatial Hacklab (NL, 2014)
Teamed up with cellist Rinske Bosma
By Fiber Festival at Amsterdam Dance Event

Hyper Gamejam (NL, 2012)
Teamed up with Vlambeer & Friends
At Control Gamelab in Amsterdam

GGJ (NL, 2010, 2011, 2014, 2017)
Global Game Jam at location HKU


Intro in Situ (NL, 2020-2021)
 Arts & Culture Developer
Supported by Dioraphte Foundation

Paradise AIR – Shortstay (JP, 2016)
 Sound art residency in Matsudo
Supported by Creative Industry Fund NL

aXolot Versus @ STEIM (NL, 2016)
 Project by Sarah Jeffery in Amsterdam

Bookstore Project (NL, 2015-2017)
 Community arts & living in Amsterdam


  ‘Work Line‘ (NL/TR, 2022)
Music composition for contemporary dance by Korzo choreographer Rutkay Özpinar

‘Under the Skin’ (IT/NL, 2021)
Music edit for choreography by Anastasia Kostner + Tanzschmiede/Fucinadanza 

‘Strive’ (IT/NL, 2018)
Music edit for choreography by Anastasia Kostner + Tanzschmiede/Fucinadanza 

‘Walkie Talkie Wilderness’ (NL, 2018)
 Music for inclusive dance company Misiconi

‘Into Another Body’ (NL/IT, 2015)
 Live electronic music for interactive A/V dance performance by Anastasia Kostner and Maarten van der Glas


‘This Connection…Guts‘ (NL/IR, 2021)
Co-composing with theatre maker  Diane Mahín at Winternights, Maastricht (NL)

‘The Worship’ at Musica Sacra (NL, 2019)
Spatial perf. on Vrijthof w/ Habitants & Arno Coenen’s ‘Stage of Luminosity’

‘Aria di Potenza’ at Nuit Blanche (BE, 2017)
Spatial sound design for opera installation directed by Krystian Lada in Brussels

‘The Water, The Soil, The Jungle’ (2015)
Audio edit for poetic work by Müge Yilmaz

‘The Young Shaman Perspective’ (2010)
 Installation by Rubin van Kooijk with 7 performers, at STEIM & Oude Kerk (Ams)


‘Donkerslag‘ (NL, 2022)
Composition for audiodrama by  Stories on Sound, podcast published by  L1

‘Alterity’ (NL, 2022)
 Mastering for short film by Milan Potten

‘Zure Melk’ (NL, 2008)
 Sound design and soundscapes for short film by Teuta Dibrani & Aart Taminiau


‘In den Beginne was het Woord’ (2022)
Composed w/ Govert Derix for MyuBio soundsystem at Dominicanen, Maastricht

‘Forest (H)eart(H)’ by UTOPIA blu (2019)
 Sound Design for Body Armor to Save the Planet’, fashion-tech presentation

‘Breathe X Protokols’ w/ Minhong Yu (2018)
Immersive, at NEVERNEVERLAND (Ams)

‘And They Were Out’ by Müge Yilmaz (2018)
Outdoor sound objects at Vensters (Ams)

‘Breathe X Protokols’ w/ Minhong Yu (2018)
Installation at NEVERNEVERLAND (Ams)

Anouk Wipprecht x SOMFY (NL/BE, 2016)  
 Music for ‘Art of Motion’ fashion-tech installation and show at Polyclose

‘First Friday #3’ with Janina Frye (2016)
Co-curation and composition for video installation at Corrosia, Almere (NL)

‘I Converse Silently’ (2016)
Soundscape for art film installation by Dorota Radzimirska

‘Lost Devices’ w Sander Haakman (2011)
At ‘Tik van De Molen’ (Kaag en Braassem) & ‘Corrosia: Ongehoord Geluid’ (Almere)

 Rot8ion – Intership (2011)
Live A/V Surround (Eindhoven)

Live Techno at MuteSounds (2010)
Live bass-only techno set for deaf people at Paard van Troje (Den Haag)

i-C’R-us’ w/ Paul van Roosmalen (2010)
Interactive sculpture at Lokaal 01 (Breda)


‘Winter in Zutphen’ by Noralie (NL, 2017)
 Sound edit for projection mapping at Gast In Zutphen festival

De Tilburgse Kermis – Mapping (NL, 2016)
 Sound design for projection by Noralie

‘Toyota Avalon’ at Art Basel (USA, 2015)
 Music for video mapping by NAP Labs

‘Decode’ by VJ Sjush (NL, 2014)
Music for performance at Live Cinema Festival

Klik Animation Festival (NL, 2013)
Sound Design for opening show: lasers projection on EYE Filmmuseum (A’dam)

‘Clashlight’ by Noralie at GLOW (NL, 2013)
 Stadium show in honour of 100 years PSV (Philips Sport Association)


‘Gewoon Held’ – Het Laagland (NL, 2018)
Sound design for show directed by Lennart Monaster with music by Kaveh Vares

Valentine Berning ‘Get Connected’ (2014)
 Music for theatre performance

The Warp at Kunstkapel (NL, 2016)
• Live mix for ‘Taciturn Receiver’
• Live mix for ‘Todo Modo’ (Ams)


‘Van Droom naar Daad’ (NL, 2018)
Jingle for podcast by Delft University of Technology – Studium Generale

Topcon Europe (NL, 2017)
 Leader sounds for videos by Filmding


‘Makro – Pingelweken’ (2014)
 Sound Design for Web Game by Brandspanking + Doom & Dickson 

‘Shoebox Diorama: Blocked In’ (2013)
 Sound Design for interactive VR experience by Daniël Ernst

‘Kids Vs. Goblins’ by Stolen Couch (2012)
 Sound Design for iPhone / iPad game

‘La Vache Qui Rit – Spetter’ (2012)
 Music for game by De Monsters & IN10

‘Babybell – Megajumper’ (2012)
 Music SFX for mobile game by De Monsters & IN10 agencies

DPI Agency for Port of Rotterdam (2012)
Sound Design for interactive quiz

DPI for OTIB / Wij Techniek (2012)
Sound Design for educational game

‘Chime Multiplayer’ by Zoë Mode (2010)
 Adaptive Composition for proof-of-concept puzzle game /w Stolen Couch

‘Multitouch Table’ by DPI agency (2010)
Sound Design for interactive table of Rotterdam University of Applied Science


The Instrument Room (NL, 2015-2017)
 Progressive & Diverse Concert Series
Supported by The Bookstore Foundation


Airopack (NL, 2017)
Sound design for corporate video made by Rethinking Group

Sagawa Art Museum (JP, 2016)
 Arrangement and Sound Design for ‘Museum Cardboard Art Amusement Park’

‘Serge Pils – De Insteek’ (NL, 2014)
 Video and Audio for Book Trailer

‘Herman Miller – 108 Years…’ (2013)
 Audio Editing for video by Brandspanking

‘Bijenkorf – Eye on Fashion’ (2012)
 Audio Editing for video by Brandspanking and Solar Initiative

Max Havelaar – Fair Trade (NL, 2012)
Composition for animation by Ineke Goes

Project with Business Models Inc. (2012)
Composition for undisclosed client


Kaboom Animation Festival (NL, 2023)
Panel speaker at ‘AI and the Future of Animation’ (location HKU Utrecht University of Arts)

Ode to Dignity (NL, 2019)
Music workshops for children
Project by composer Merlijn Twaalfhoven

Design4MusicXperiences (NL, 2017)
Student Mentor for Fontys University ICT and Effenaar Smart Venue, Eindhoven

Musashino Art University (JP, 2016)
Portfolio presentation for students
Supported by Creative Industry Fund NL

HKU Art University (NL, 2014/’15/’16)
Lecturer on various music topics, such as the uncanny valley of timbral emulations


‘Oscillator’ by Florian Slangen (NL, 2022)
Poetic Performance

‘U’ by Wieke van Rosmalen (NL, 2021)
Playful/Interactive Music Theatre
(Muzieklab by VIA ZUID + Intro in Situ)

‘…Be Like You’ by NKK NXT (NL, 2019)
Music Theatre Project by Netherlands Chamber Choir & Patrick Housen


Paper Reviewer ICMC-NYCEMF (USA, 2019)
 International Computer Music Conference / New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival

Emergent Gameplay Research
 Expressive/Emergent/Improvised Interaction for Music Games and Interactive Installations

DJ Broadcast (NL, 2016)
 “Klassiek Contrast” article

‘Murcof’ on Wikipedia (2012)
 One of the main contributors

Bachtrack (UK, 2011-2013)
Modern classical concert reviews


 Espace Midi flyer layout (2021)
For cultural venue of Residence Midi (2018)
For musician and theatre maker Josephine Bode

Glitch Art on CRT Exhib.  (2017)
 At “A Lab – BROED – Grootlab WKNDR” (2017)
For dancer/choreographer Nina Funk
Design by Mirka Laura Severa
HTML by Rutger Muller

For clients of (2015)
Content editing in WordPress

L1 Radio & TV – Internship (2007)
Marketing Design (Maastricht)

Headland – Internship (2006)
Web Design

Graaf Huyn College (2002)
Internship IT Admin (Geleen)


Random Studio (NL, 2014-2019)
QA testing (web) projects for Raf Simons, NPO, KLM, Tommy Hilfiger, Triodos Bank, Rémy Martin

Your Majesty (NL, 2017)
QA testing a Samsung project

Resn (NL, 2016)
QA testing projects for Milka, Dove, Verizon, Panera, Converse 


The TEFL Academy (2018)
TEFL certification (Level 5, 120h) for Teaching English as a Foreign Language

MA Thesis – E.M. Ferf Jentink (2015)
 [NL-EN] Eindhoven University of Technology – ‘To increase the acceptance of renovations: Kolenkit as case study’

Languagewire (2017-2021)
[EN-NL] 50+ jobs for international agency (technical, financial, PR…)

Monsterkamer – Roger Willems (2017)
 [EN>NL] artist biography for event at paper showroom

‘The Weathers They Live In’ (2017)
[EN>NL] leaflet for exhibition at puntWG
initiated by  Nicola Arthen

‘AliceD: There Is No Time For This’ (2017)
[DE>EN] description of audio-walk by Bruno Pilz

Fluister (2017)
 [EN>NL] eight artist bios for classical-electronic booking agency

Biography – English

Rutger Muller is a composer and interaction designer with a strong interest in mysticism and improvisation. Zooming in on the intricate details of sound (timbre, acoustics and spatiality) allows him to crafts  “soundspaces” that give space for instrumentalists to experiment with abstractions of ancient / classical music, ambient, techno and free improv.

By shaping slowly morphing (non-lineair) sound worlds, Rutger aims to transcend the drama of emotion – towards patterns and noises that reveal something of our natural and cosmic origins; the micro and macro cosmos.
After dabbling in hacker culture and playing drums in hardcore punk bands, Rutger gained a BA and MA of Music Technology at the HKU. Thereafter, he performed extensively with his contemporary classical ensemble and in interdisciplinary collaborations, for example at Amsterdam’s contemporary concert hall Muziekgebouw with visuals by NAP Labs – and in Seoul with Korean Traditional multi-instrumentalist Scarlett Choi. As an interaction / game designer, Muller collaborates on spacious interactive installations for groups of players, and publishes research on his blog.

Through electro-acoustic sound design and collaborations with avant-garde instrumentalists / designers / developers, Muller sheds a contemporary light on on the spiritual essence of culture(s). His outcomes are are often more mystic than abstract, on the edge between tranquil and uncanny. What is lightness and what is darkness, Muller questions, as he uses improvisation and playfulness to seek out the freedom of uncertainty. 

Photo by Paul Caron

Biografie – Nederlands

Rutger Muller is een hedendaagse/ elektroakoestische componist en interactie-ontwerper met een sterke fascinatie voor het mystieke. Zijn werk ontspringt vaak uit de fijne details van klankkleur (timbre) en akoestiek (ruimtelijkheid). Uit die basis ontwikkelt hij ‘soundscapes’ waarbinnen ruimte ontstaat voor (geïmproviseerde) elementen uit oude / klassieke muziek, ambient, techno,  architectuur en gameplay.
Rutger Muller is een hedendaagse/ elektroakoestische componist en interactie-ontwerper met een sterke fascinatie voor het mystieke. Zijn werk ontspringt vaak uit de fijne details van klankkleur (timbre) en akoestiek (ruimtelijkheid). Uit die basis ontwikkelt hij ‘soundscapes’ waarbinnen ruimte ontstaat voor (geïmproviseerde) elementen uit oude / klassieke muziek, ambient, techno,  architectuur en speelsheid.

Na amateuristische experimenten in de hackercultuur en het spelen van drums in hardcore punkbands, behaalde Rutger een BA en MA in muziektechnologie aan de HKU. Hij trad vervolgens veelvuldig op met zijn hedendaagse klassieke ensemble en in interdisciplinaire samenwerkingen, bijvoorbeeld in het Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ met visuals van NAP Labs – en in Seoul met de Koreaanse traditionele multi-instrumentalist Scarlett Choi. Als interactie / game designer werkt Muller mee aan ruime interactieve installaties voor groepen spelers (onderzoek beschikbaar op zijn blog).

Via elektro-akoestisch geluidsontwerp en samenwerkingen met avant-gardistische instrumentalisten / ontwerpers werpt Mullers een hedendaags licht op de spirituele essentie van cultuur. Zijn uitkomsten zijn vaak meer mystiek dan abstract; op de grens tussen meditatief en unheimisch. Wat is lichtheid en wat is duisternis, vraagt Muller zich af, terwijl hij met improvisatie en speelsheid op zoek gaat naar de vrijheid van onzekerheid.