Ricky van Broekhoven – Industrial/Sound Design

Rutger Muller – Interaction/Sound Design

Nikolai Gillisen – Technical/Sound Design

How would raindrops sound if they buzzed like bees? How would tree leaves sound if they chirped like crickets? MyuBio’s spatial sound installations play with space and sound to discover nature’s magic. The micro and macro details of our soundscapes are highly-adaptable to any atmosphere. Every one of MyuBio’s modular speaker acts as an independent sound source, similar to physical nature. As in nature, we perceive every leaf of a rustling tree as an individual source. More later this year…

Early prototype by Rutger Muller & Paul Caron – Intro in Situ, Maastricht (NL)

Stay tuned to...
hear nature play!



Supported by Eindhoven Cultuur Snelgeldfonds

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